Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Why I'm Not Moving to Canada (But Will Still Help You If You Are)

Warning: This is going to be political.


I started off yesterday wanting to have a really great dinner and watch our first woman president be elected. Instead, I ate breakfast tacos and watched in horror as Donald Trump became the president-elect. 

My roommate and I stayed up late waiting desperately for the election results, trying to calculate everything that would need to happen for Hillary Clinton to become elected. After we found out that she had called Trump to concede, my roommate and I began to cry. Not just for the historic moment lost, but for the change we are about to see in the United States. 

This is not to say that I agree with everything that Hillary Clinton has said and done, but I do not agree with anything Donald Trump has said and done. 

Although this election has made my stomach crawl on many occasions, last night was the worst. I laid in bed hoping that this was all a bad dream, but I woke up this morning and it was not. 

I spent the majority of last night texting my family, trying to stay connected, even though we are 3,000 miles apart. My parents went to bed before I did, and my dad texted something to me that really stuck:

This reminder that one person, and one administration, cannot determine how I live my life is the reason that I will not be moving to Canada. I am taking this opportunity to prove to everyone out there that told me I couldn't do something because I am a girl wrong. 

The results of this election show me that in order to make a difference you need to take a bigger chance. I am no longer going to allow myself to quiet my beliefs because they make others uncomfortable. I think it is time to be true to my authentic self: A 19 year old college feminist who has dreams to change the world. And, I'm not going to let anyone stop me. 


We will now return to our regular scheduled programming of Anglophilia. 

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