Friday, October 28, 2016

It's Starting To Feel Real!


This whole trip is really starting to feel more real!!! Yesterday the study away center sent out emails letting us know that they have our plane tickets, and today we had our first group meeting to discuss the trip.

I didn't realize how nervous I was about everything until after the meeting. It was just a brief informational overview, but it really helped clarify some things. The professors told us about the different national identities in the United Kingdom, the currency system, and how the government works. It was a lot of information, but incredibly informative.

Apparently due to Brexit, we will be in Manchester during a "tumultuous time." The professors were quick to assuage any worries that we had, highlighting the fact that the value of the pound has dropped so it will be cheaper for us to be there. I don't know if this is reassuring or not, but its nice to think about.

The presentation had tons of pictures of Manchester, and we got a few more details about where we will be staying, and what kind of place Manchester is. If everything goes according to plan the hotel we are staying in is next to the best pub in Manchester. At least, this is according to the professors, I have no way to corroborate this, but I believe them.

I also got to learn a little more about where Manchester is located. It is in northwest England, and is apparently perfectly situated to travel to other places. I don't know how much of this I will be doing, but it is really nice to know.

The travel aspect of the trip is interesting. We are meeting in Seattle, and then flying to Amsterdam, and then Amsterdam to Manchester. The flight to Amsterdam is 10 1/2 hours, I can honestly say that I am not excited about that. Amsterdam to Manchester is 1 1/2, which is going to feel like nothing after the long flight. Not to mention the fact that I have to fly from Alaska to Seattle earlier that day. The best part, in my opinion, is that although we leave Manchester (at 5:55 am!) we land in Seattle on the same day. Time zones are confusing!

I have a countdown going for when we leave. I can't believe that I get to say that I will be leaving for England in 66 days!


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