Friday, December 16, 2016

Finals are Over and I am Home!


After an incredibly stressful two weeks I am home! Dead week and finals were much more intense this year, and I am so glad they are over. 

I had to write four essays, two were 10 pages long and two were six pages. I also had a Personal Finance Exam. The essays as a whole weren't bad, but I really struggled with one in particular. My roommate and I affectionately called it "the essay from hell." I turned it in on Tuesday, and am trying not to think about it until grades come back. 

I flew home last night and was welcomed back to Alaska by 19 degree weather and snow. It was amazing! My friend drove me to the airport, and on the way we stopped in Tacoma to get bubble tea. She consented to me posting a picture of her; so here we are at the airport:

I am spending my first day home getting in the Christmas spirit. I baked sugar cookies and gingerbread, and wrapped Christmas presents. I swear my dog gave me a sarcastic look when I turned on the Christmas music. 

I can't believe there are 18 days left before I head to Manchester! Now I need to start preparing in earnest.


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